Wednesday, December 23, 2015

wednesday vignette: it could have been worse

A dreamy last image before many of these limbs were removed by my overly confident husband.

His main target was the complete removal of this silver maple tree in one day. Some of the tree is gone, but it did not go well.  It could have been a much worst disaster with a worst injury. He has called professionals about finishing the job. 

Thanks to Anna for gathering up our stories, go read some happier ones at  flutter and hum.


  1. Oy - that's a big tree! Crazy man to go at it alone... Glad all is well, and no major mishaps. That first shot with the reflections is beautiful!

  2. That first shot is masterful! Love it. Sorry it didn't go as planned, I hope hubby is not too badly injured.

    1. it was my son's coworker, hired to help for the day, that got hurt. they were working on the ground and a poorly tied branch fell on them. his strong-arming of the branch saved them both, but he hurt his thumb.