Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wednesday Vignette: How to move a rock garden

Thyme is running out for my rock garden.  Ouch.  Sorry about that pun.  I must take another garden area apart.  Ouch.  How will I be able to put the puzzle back together?  I have no idea.  While my latest toe surgery heals, ouch, I need to come up with a plan.  Where can i put it?  I have no idea.  The stone clashes with the basalt and granite that we have in abundance. 
 It survived an array of attempts to remove the silver maple tree that anchored it visually and greedily took all the soil, water and light.   On a day with frozen soil three weeks ago the maple was reduced to firewood and sawdust.  Rock garden was covered in a sort of armor I made for it.

 There was one glorious spring.  Species tulips spared by the squirrels. 

Fourteen months ago I spent six days arranging limestone that the neighbors cast off.  Limestone that formed the original foundation of Southern Oregon University in the 1890's.  

 Intricately fitted puzzle.
Puzzle complete.   Plantings complete. 
There was one summer with the three Agastache 'blue boa' hyssop dominating. 

After the only time I have ever used the leaf blower: mostly dormant, bits of winter beauty, and less damage than the mole did last summer. Dave is digging a trench all around the stump in his epic chore of removing the maple tree roots.   Rock garden is absolutely in the way.  The stone clashes with the basalt and granite that we have in abundance.   

It cannot return after the maple roots are gone.  

How do you move a rock garden?

Euphorbia 'mini martini'

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  1. Oh dear. That is a beautiful little rock garden, but I can see that it needs to be moved for the roots. I've dug out whole gardens that size before myself. It's a disheartening chore, but sometimes it has to be done. I usually pot things up until they have a new spot. I've left them bare root briefly, not much longer than a day too. Do you have another bed where you can move some of them into?

  2. Hi! You asked about Scabiosa 'Fama'. It does take a while for it to settle in. I have to move mine. It's not getting enough sun and the flower stems are flopping.