Sunday, October 4, 2015

the garden, such as it is

our garden, years after i started this blog, is a never ending  series of before and after images which i wanted to carefully reveal.  here instead is a messy whirl through some of it now, in autumn, my favorite time of the year.

our thing is making a garden full of set pieces from the three stages of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, creating privacy, and habitat for wildlife which included banishing all the lawns.  

the nurseries of southern oregon provide limited plant material choices and i grow anything i can get for free, including propagating my own plants.   

the bower
staghorn sumac 

before Dave added the massive log posts
 after Dave added the massive log posts and ironwork from the play 'fingersmith'

the baratheon barn is hiding behind the 'as you like it' banner (i know, the game of thrones symbol is wingless, but still quite similar).  cobaea violet cup and saucer vine.
glorious coleus that took over the cotinus
these pieces of ironwork have been custom sliced and diced and re-grouped by my very skilled husband this week.   'cinderella' trellis in the background with sun sculpture from 'richard III'.

many fragrant plants in the verona garden

shady rock garden with flamingos to celebrate the recent reopening of the adjacent hot tub.  yes, i do grow dragonwing begonias in abundance.

the quatrefoil bench is from 'two gentlemen of verona'.  the painting of trees from 'richard III'. Cistus x hybridus 'Mickie' rockrose at the bottom.

clock tower from 'comedy of errors' waiting to enter the garden still.  

rusty metal crosses just added across the front garden deer fence

one of many shadow boxes on the fences

the five crosses have red marbles embedded in them.  here's hoping that we are not confused with being a marijuana store.

the courtyard slate paving project is going very slowly

ash tree at peak of golden color

hyssop box

concrete bench detail, one of my favorite craigslist finds
thanks for overwintering, annual verbena

gazania eeking out blooms in our sun-limited back garden

seven sons flower tree finally blooming, these are the seed pods, actually
Spigelia marilandica blooms in june and surprise, october, too! next to it is one of my many sword fern rescues from other places in the garden where tree roots and under-the-eave locations were killing them when we moved in.

the courtyard - someday all the slate will be put in place