Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Vignette: behind the dumpster

This weekend I  sold my pressed flower and calligraphy art from inside a poinsettia-filled greenhouse.  What I loved the most was this snapdragon plant I discovered blooming behind the  dumpster out in the cold wind.   It is, like me, holding forth despite being an outsider.

 Meanwhile , inside the greenhouse at the obligatory photo station, one of my vintage trolls.

The hanging basket poinsettias seem most practical if you want to experience that much xmas euphoria.  Ashland Greenhouses grows excellent plants.  It is a must see highlight in Ashland, Oregon every April.

I brought home a tiny black-red “Burgundy’, the perfect variety to accompany my son’s notes for the xmas episode of American Horror Story.  (He carefully edits out the horror for my viewing safety).
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  1. Great shot of the snapdragon beside the dumpster!

    1. thanks. the cold wind was blasting through, as usual. i worked here for several seasons with the best grown tough plants around.