Sunday, January 6, 2013

spunky cats, troll doll literature, pickle sludge, and willowsprettyshop

yep, a vintage 1992 norfin troll tv tray.  from back in the past when every night for many many nights i read my son to sleep from a norfin troll picture book that was very poorly written. 
my son and I learned about Garbage Disposal Do's and Don'ts. do not combine grandma's moldy xmas bread AND five pints of very old home-canned-dried-up-green-brown-pickle-mystery-substance (bottom shelf, left side) with two people who have not used a garbage disposal before. DO ADD a genius husband who knows how to fix the mess.  this is the only cupboard the previous owners left full.
 i created an etsy shop as my last project of 2012, with one poorly photographed item, and a  banner photo of the first morning glory flower i ever grew.  now it is time to grow my little crafts and cut flower businesses.  i will fill the etsy shop up as time allows.
Juliet and her freshly shed new collar.  One day as an born-again outdoor cat and she has her spunk back.
How to pack a troll very well and create a creepy troll photo, too. why am i goofing around buying trolls on etsy?  research for having my own etsy shop. troll dolls make me happy.  always have.  i now have more trolls than i did back in the day, and these ones are clothed.
The village people arrived from phoenix, arizona.

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